Vanilla growing and later-on the curing of the beans is very labor intensive and requires much dedication and patience. We refer to it as love-hate yet satisfying process to bring up the earthy looking premium beans.

To produce these great beans, we have to manually pollinate / fertilize the flowers, and this requires both a specific skill and attention to detail. Considering that during the flowering period which may take 2-3 weeks, the flowers open every-day at different times and that they must be carefully pollinated within 12 hours after opening, the farmer needs constant attention to his vanilla plants and flowers.

vanilla flowers
manual vanilla pollination


During green pod harvesting, we selectively hand-pick the mature beans only, since the beans ripen at different times. This picking requires a full understanding of pod maturity and continuous presence in the farm.

The curing process of the beans involves careful sun-drying and may take 2-3 months. Only then the beans will be  good and flavorful characterized by the dark brown earthy look.

vanilla pods