Vanilla Beans/Premium Bourbon/Grade A/125grams (28-30 Beans)

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Premium Gourmet Vanilla Beans
Our vanilla beans are regeneratively grown & artisanal cured in Uganda. Ugandan vanilla has a sweet chocolaty taste, and its naturally high level of vanillin, gives it universal application, from baking, ice cream, confectionary and much more.

Your vanilla is packed in a resealable and airtight pouch for freshness. This is necessary to keep the vanilla fresh and to maintain its flavour.

How to use
The whole bean is packed with flavour and can be used. Vanillin is most concentrated within the bean caviar. Slice the vanilla bean vertically and scrape out the caviar, which you can then add to your dessert, ice cream, or other tasteful creations.

The remaining bean shell still full of flavour, you can dry it to make vanilla powder, mix it with fine sugar to create vanilla sugar or use it to make vanilla-extract.

Country of Origin:      Uganda
Product Type:             Whole Beans
Weight:                       4-6gram / Bean
Length per Bean:       16-20cm
Handling & Storage:   Store in a cool & dry place

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