The Vanilla Planifolia Story

vanillapoint the point for fresh vanilla beans
Vanilla is a tropical climbing orchid. The brown vanilla pods as you may know them are dried fruits (pods) of the flower of the Vanilla Planifolia.

There are three types of plants that produce vanilla:

-Vanilla planifolia (also called Vanilla fragrans)
-Vanilla tahitensis
-Vanilla pompona

Vanilla planifolia is the original vanilla plant native to Mexico, but today also cultivated in Madagascar, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Vanilla planifolia (also called Bourbon vanilla) is the most common type of vanilla in the world. Originally used by the Aztecs in Mexico to flavor cocoa. Vanilla has more than 200 organic compounds that contain flavor and aromas and is considered a delicacy by chefs and bakers. The fragrance is also widely used in cosmetics.
Vanilla from Uganda?
Uganda, “The pearl of Africa”

Uganda is also called the pearl of Africa. And for good reason. The loamy soil and warm tropical climate provide perfect conditions for growing tasty vanilla.

Surrounded by Lake Victoria, the Rwenzori bitten and the Virunga volcanoes, there is no place more beautiful or better to grow beautiful vanilla.

In Uganda, it is mainly the matooke banana farmers who grow additional trees, such as the Jatropha Curcas, as a climbing tree for the vanilla vines. Vanilla grows best under good shade and the Matokee bananas provide perfect growing conditions

Regenerative vanilla farming
 vanillapoint the point for fresh vanilla beans
Biodiversity & cultivation in harmony with nature

Vanilla grows best in regenerative systems, where it can climb on other trees. That is why vanilla can be grown very well in combination with bananas, cocoa or other crops that the plants can climb.

Panna Cotta met vanille

Gourmet Bourbon Vanilla

Vanilla from Uganda has a sweet, chocolate-like taste and naturally contains a lot of vanillin. This makes this vanilla super suitable for use in cakes, ice cream and patisserie.

The vanilla is of the highest grade: Grade A and is selected by hand. We pack them in refillable airtight bags so that they remain optimally fresh. The vanilla pods weigh between 5-6 grams each. They contain many aromatic oils, are black or dark brown and contain 25-30% humidity.

vanille uit Oeganda

Fairly grown and traded

Our vanilla is grown regeneratively and dried using traditional methods on the plantation in Uganda.

We have partnerships with local farmers and can get the vanilla to Europe via the shortest possible route. We work closely with our farmers. They get a fair income and you get vanilla of the best quality.

Whole vanilla pods

Vanilla pods are full of aroma. Most of the flavor is in the vanillin, which is highly concentrated in the vanilla marrow. Cut the sticks open vertically to scrape out the marrow.

The pod that remains is also full of aroma and can be used to make vanilla powder (for this you must first dry the bean). Or use the bean to make vanilla sugar or vanilla extract. Read more about this in this blog.