Meet The Founder

“My personal mission is to change the way the farmers experience agri-business.”

Godfrey Kiwumulo, started VanillaPoint as a way of deriving value from what he knows best. Growing up in a farming family, experiencing the richness of Ugandan soil but also the struggles of local farmers. He moved to The Netherlands in 2018, with his Family and seeing the market demand for Vanilla in the EU created the drive to start VanillaPoint.

Farmers are riddled with too many middlemen who walk away with most of the product value & earnings & turning farmers into photo-op moments for green-washing. I want to change that!

By fighting hard for fair prices which enables farmers to work sustainably as possible. We source the best quality vanilla, & I invite you to enjoy Ugandan Vanilla and the impact of your choice is a better food model that enables good farming practices, quality produce and decent income for farmers.

Our Values & Principles

Putting a smile on farmers & delighting your tastebuds

There’s a lot to like about Ugandan vanilla. Thanks to Uganda’s climate, it’s the only country able to produce two vanilla harvests a year. This means the beans are always fresh: vanilla all year long!

We cure the vanilla at origin in Uganda, sourcing from our own farms and with direct partnerships with local vanilla farmers, supplying premium vanilla.
Our supply chain is a shared-value supply-chain, 100% traceable and fully transparent. We keep adding more farmers, as more consumes enjoy this rich vanilla.

Nature-Positive Farming

Intercropping & fair pricing

Our vanilla comes from intercropping farms. This means we also grow other crops like bananas and coffee. This benefits farmers, because they are less dependent on one crop, but the advantages go even further.

Bananas plants provide perfect shade for the optimal growth of vanilla while providing food to the farmers.  Intercropping is one of the most sustainable farming practice, since it helps regenerate the topsoil, improving the water cycle and biodiversity. Everyone wins!

It is difficult for Ugandan farmers to resist big companies which dictate vanilla prices. That’s why we pay them fairly. It’s about more than the taste of our vanilla, we care about the social impact of what we do.