Rich in vanillin

Vanilla flowers getting ready

to be pollinated

Vanilla pods / Beans

The Earthly Dark Look


100% Organic & Natural

Our vanilla is fully organic and grown purely natural


Uganda is the only country with two vanilla harvesting seasons

High Quality

Our vanilla beans weigh high and are rich in vanillin

Direct Trade & Fair Price

From the farm straight to you

Premium Quality



At VANILLApoint, we grow, process and import naturally grown Vanilla Beans from Uganda to the Netherlands. We are committed to the concept of Direct Trade, which makes an impactful difference for both farmers and consumers.

Our vanilla comes from Uganda and is produced on our own farm and by farmers we partner with. We are obsessed with all natural vanilla produced under regenerative farming practices. This includes intercropping of vanilla with other crops. Our system helps to preserve the soils and keeps on providing food for the farmers.


Vanilla beans from Uganda are unique. The beans are rich in aroma and deep in flavor. They are suitable for all purposes from baking, cooking, making desert to ice cream flavoring. Ugandan vanilla beans are heavy, on average grade A bean weighs between 5-7 grams. The vanillin content is also high.

Uganda the pearl of Africa, is blessed with good loamy soils and weather that is suitable for the natural growth of the vanilla plant. The two seasons allow us to harvest vanilla twice a year, ensuring a continuous and fresh supply.

Vanilla in Uganda is intercropped with bananas and other crops such as coffee. This provides a perfect shade for optimal vanilla growth. Our vanilla is fully natural and purely organically grown. We carefully cure (processing) the beans to preserve it's rich aroma and flavors.


We work under the concept of Direct Trade: Our beans are direct from farm straight to you. We have our own vanilla plantations but we as well collaborate with other farmers, mainly women who supply us with green vanilla pods.

We ensure that only the ripe and mature pods are being harvested, both at our own farm as well from the farms of our partners. After harvesting we sort the beans and start the curing process which involves carefully sun drying to get the premium quality dark brown beans with the earthy look. We are dedicated to high quality vanilla that is flavorful and all natural.

We understand the labor-intensive nature of vanilla growing, and of the careful need of curing of the beans. That's why we ensure that our partner farmers receive a fair price, which is higher than the average price on the market. This brings a win-win situation; good quality vanilla for you, and happy farmers with a fair income.