100% Natural Vanillin Flavour

Artisanal Cured Vanilla

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Change the way you experience vanilla

Fresher. Uganda has two vanilla harvesting seasons. This ensures supply.

Unique. Characterized by a bold flavor, higher vanillin content and caviar

Heavier. On average a grade A Bean weighs between 5-6 grams and with a good harvest, can go up to 9 grams

Change the way you experience vanilla

Multipurpose. Due to it’s intense/bold flavor, it pairs well in creamy Deserts, ice-cream , pastries and  beverages. 

When it comes to making extraction, it gives a dark and intense concentrate.

Taste. Considered sweeter, with a fruity taste reminiscent of berries, raisins and fig.

We are VanillaPoint

Putting a smile on farmers and delighting your tastebuds.

Bringing perfectly cured fresh vanilla from Uganda to Europe, that’s what we do. We want a fair price for the farmers because that is the best way to empower them.

It’s about much more than selling our product. We teach Ugandan farmers to produce better vanilla and pay them fair prices for the amazing product they grow. That way they are better able to make a better living.

Our Heritage – We know vanilla farming & the artisanal art of vanilla curing

100% Premium Ugandan vanilla

Vanilla beans from Uganda are uniquely rich in aroma and deep in flavour. They have high content of vanilla caviar and high concentration of vanillin. On average grade A bean weighs between 5-7 grams. It's perfect for baking, cooking, flavours for ice cream, yoghurts and cosmetics.

Vanilla from Regenerative farming - Healthy Soils and Direct Farmer Sourcing

The regenerative practices like intercropping, mixed farming & soil mulching are the dominant form of agriculture. We have fair-value partnerships to attract more farmers to join a profitable and sustainable vanilla value chain so as to increase volume of Ugandan vanilla produce.

Dedicated to high quality vanilla

We ensure that only the ripe and mature pods are being harvested, both at our own farm as well from the farms of our partners. After harvesting we sort the beans and start the curing process which involves carefully sun drying to get the premium quality dark earthy brown beans with rich flavour.

Buy in bulk

Fall in love with Ugandan vanilla. For bakers & HORECA who need vanilla supply in larger quantities, & for retail packs, do send us your requests here.

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The beans are rich in flavour and very fresh! I’ve been ordering vanilla at VanillaPoint for several years now. I used to buy vanilla pods from a wholesaler, but I am especially pleased with the price and quality that VanillaPoint can deliver. The power of the vanilla adds an incredible touch of taste to our dishes, which also means we need less vanilla to achieve the same results. All things considered, it’s more affordable and the taste is better as well. I can recommend the vanilla to everyone!

Chef Johnny Bosveld

Als je op zoek bent naar een top product, dan geld dat wel voor deze vanille. Mooie dikke vanille, vet, vol met vanille, en zeer rijke smaak. Daarbij is het nog van een klein organisch gecertificeerd familiebedrijf. Ik kan het iedereen van harte aanbevelen . Fantastische kwaliteit, goede service en ook nog betaalbaar.

Ruben Coonen

Never had vanilla like this before” There’s a huge difference between the vanilla beans you find in stores and those you can order from VanillaPoint. There are simply bigger, fresher, and tastier. I use their vanilla for my tartlets, and I’m very pleased with the results!

Marloes de Jonge, owner of Moes tartlets